Wordpress themes for web designers - kc web design kentAs we get ready for the launch of KC Themes at kc web design kent I thought it might be the right time to talk about why we’ve created KC Themes – Wordpress themes for web designers. At kc web design kent we create a lot of WordPress sites for many, many different types of businesses and even personal sites. We’ve created blogs for Fujitsu, e-commerce websites, large corporate sites and more and they all have one thing in common – We have to create unique themes and they’re mostly responsive these days. As we’ve created more and more WordPress responsive websites at kc web design kent we’ve started using web design good practice and created our own set of files and tools that we use to get us started on each new theme. As we’re mostly making responsive websites we tend to use a framework and our favourite is the Zurb Foundation responsive framework.

After years of searching for good WordPress themes to customise and use as starting points we decided to make our own at kc web design kent and so KC Themes was born. We know there are lots of good free responsive themes out there that utilise all the good frameworks but we wanted to build something that was purely aimed at web designers that would give them everything they needed to start a great design. Our Designer Themes will come with all the tools you need to get setup quickly and easily and give you the perfect foundation to start your design on. Each theme will come with a pre-built homepage layout to get you started and include all the web design bits and bobs you’d expect to have. We hope our Wordpress themes for web designers will be a great resource for web designers and also a great way for new designers to learn how to create WordPress themes. Head over to KC Themes for a sneak peak at the landing page. We’ll be launching in the next week or 2 so keep coming back! And we’ll be having a launch discount for the first week so get your themes quick!