Make sure you have enough time for your project

Make sure you have enough time. Wanting your website finished in a week isn’t going to help with the web design process so make sure you allow enough time for scoping the project, talking to your web designer, going through design revisions, testing and refining. Good web design takes time so make sure you have plenty of it for the project ahead.

Essential feedback

After the initial brief we’ll work very closely with you to make sure we’ve covered all your business goals and the website is doing the job it should. Before we start the design we need to know all the functionality and the functionality should be dictated by the needs of your business.

Once we know what the website needs to achieve we can start on the web design part. The web designer will take brand guidelines, colours and other inspirational material and create a first draft design. We will always include you in this process, in fact we created our own web app ( for doing just that. Ongoing feedback from the client is very important in the design stage and it stops all kinds of problems later on in the project.

Not sure? Test it!

Sometimes we come across problems that take a bit longer to solve and may not necessarily deal with the problem in the way you have originally thought. As web designers we know the web and the way it works but you may now your users better. If, at this stage, we can’t agree on a solution the best thing to do is to test a real solution with real users. We can mock-up and trial process or webpage and get users to try it out before it goes into the full website.

We don’t do multiple designs

Doing 3 designs for a website won’t get you a better design or give you more choice, it’ll just dilute whats there and make it harder to pull all the important bits together into one design. As a web designer I know that doing 2/3 designs for one site means that one will always be better – normally the first design you work on – and the others will never quite be as good. Having the extra design takes more time, costs more money and dilutes the design process. If a web designer can’t get 80% there with the first design then you’ve probably got the wrong designer.

Instead of creating more designs, just work closely with us on the one design and you’ll see how much better that design can be.

We’ll tell you why we designed it like that

Just showing you a web design and saying “Heres the new design, what do you think?” never really works. When you create a web design there are always other things to be considered other than what it looks like. Theres how the navigation might work – will it have a dropdown menu?, or a Flash animation or slider or maybe a specific interaction with a button. All these things require an explanation as to how they might work so in the design stage we’ll tell you, we’ll go through all the interactive elements and give a brief description of how they work. Again, we use our own feedback app to show you the design and leave you notes on the design to describe the features and functions. You can then leave notes on the design for use to see as well!

We make sure we understand your business objectives

Even though you know your business goals, we may not, so we take time to talk with you and understand what you need to achieve and why. We work with many different businesses from all kinds of sectors and we try and get as good an understanding as we possibly can of each one. Understanding these business objectives will help us measure decisions being made in the development of your website.

Know your target audience

We presume you know your target audience, your average user and your best type of customer. Those are the people we’re trying to build the website for so we need to understand who they are and what they do. If you need a greater understanding of your users we can undertake research for you or look at your target market in more details. Understanding your users is the key to creating a website that work well for them and allows them to complete their task easily and effectively which means the website will be a success.

Work together

Creating a new website should be a two-way process so we’ll work as closely with you as we can while making sure we both understand were our boundaries are and what decisions need to be made by each party. No point in use making decisions on your business or you making design related decisions. As long as we all know what our roles are the web design and build process should be an easy one. It is the website owners job to identify problems and for the web designer to find the solutions.

Want to work with us?

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