kc web design kent exampleWe previously talked about the planning stage of a web design project and what goes into creating and planning a good website design. The next stage of that process is the design – how it looks and how it works. At kc web design kent we specialise in creating unique designs and this part of the project is very important as it deals with your brand and how your brand is perceived online.

In the first stage we should have already worked out exactly what the website needs to do and so we now have a list of features and functionality, even a rough plan of whats going where in the wireframe, to work from and craft the website design.

The key to a good web design project is the design and the way it deals with the brand and how it engages with the user. We look at the brand, the target user the types of features, the call to action points and if it’s an e-commerce site we look at how users will find and buy products and from all this start to design the look and feel of the homepage. Once basic styles have been drawn up and designed we look at standardising buttons and key repeating elements that will be used throughout the website. User interface design can be part of any good web design project so we look at how users interact with key areas of content and make sure they can achieve their task quickly, easily and without having to think or search around for action buttons.

The design stage can take a while and almost always needs discussion and amendments during the process. It’s this stage that’s crucial to the success of the rest of the project so allow time, and money, to be spent on this stage and don’t rush it. At kc web design Kent we’ll make sure your web design project runs smoothly but its wise to plan ahead and understand whats involved. If you’d like to talk to us more about our processes and how we work with our clients on web design projects then please give us a call.