Making your website stand out in a crowd isn’t always about making it look different or quirky. Standing out in a crowd can also be done by making your website work well in ways that others don’t and offering a unique selling point or feature.

You know your company, you understand the market and your competitors. What is it that makes your company successful, what do your customers value above other companies? Is it price, customer service, location? Once you have your niche then your website design should maximise on this key selling point and strengths. Your business should drive your website and your website should strengthen your business model and goals.

Once you know what you niche services are you can then push these on your website. Rather than just being another travel website battling with 1000’s of others, you could focus on your core offering – maybe you specialise in safari holidays – and make sure your website design and usability is centred around this. Narrowing your target market may seem counter-intuitive but it will ultimately bring in more new business in the long term.

Don’t get carried away trying to wedge in every feature and service you offer in your new website design, focus on whats important. Also make sure you look for a website design company that builds attractive, functional, usable websites but one that knows how people shop and behave online. A website design company with an understanding of the principles of e-commerce, the buying process and the science of online behaviour will help create a website design that brings in more business.

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