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In the web design industry side projects are a common sight. They allow web designers to work on something outside of normal paid client web design work and focus on something unique and personally interesting. I’ve had an idea for a weather app buzzing round for a few years now An attempt to create it as a iOS app didn’t work out so I decided to build it as a web app side project. We’ve been working very hard here at kc web design kent on our new weather app – Cirrus One. Cirrus One has a very unique feature for a weather app – you can choose what weather data and icons you want to see and position them where ever you want on the screen. You can also change the icon colours to suite the background which you can also change and blur to really customise your weather.


Cirrus One - A web based mobile app

Building a web based mobile app has it’s pros and cons. While you may not be able to get it in the Apple App Store you can make it easy for people to find and download and once installed on a phone (any phone as its not platform specific) you may not even notice any difference to a native app. For Cirrus we felt that a web app would work well and also allow us to reach more users on more platforms.

New features coming soon

Cirrus One is only available for mobiles currently and works as a web app that you save to your home screen. We have a huge roadmap of features that we’ll be adding including uploading your own photos as background images, more weather data, better hourly data, tablet and desktop versions and weather alerts that you can set up to be notified if weather changes at a specific location.

Web technologies have changed a lot since I first looked at a native app and web apps are becoming more and more common now. Not all projects warrant the expense and development times of a native app so think carefully about your users and

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