Jason Knott Photography website design

Jason Knott is a photographer based in Canterbury, Kent working with top clients such as Coca-Cola and Kellogs on photography projects all over the world.

Jasons photography is outstanding and he needed a new website to showcase his photos as well as making it easy for art directors to get a good feel for his style and what he can offer. Art directors need to be able to make very quick decisions and so the website needed to offer a quick way to see many photos without compromising quality.


Our website design for Jason Knott

kc web design kent created a responsive website design that would look great on all mobile devices and allow the photography to really shine. We minimised user interface elements and other website features so that the photography stood out and allowed Jason to show his beautiful photography in large hi-res sizes using as much of the screen as possible. Jason also makes films and travels all over the world on photo shoots so WordPress felt like a good fit and allows Jason to update the website from anywhere in the world.

What new design elements were important?

To aide potential new customers and help project managers find relevant photographs we created a search and filter feature to allow easy filtering of the photographs so that specific types and styles of photography could be found easily. Potential clients and art directors can now see Jasons’ photography conveniently categorised and accessible making things easy to browse. We’re even included a way for Jason to showcase the best of his photos in one area especially for art directors who need to quickly see the best of what Jason can offer.

You can see the full website at jasonknott.com

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