Fujitsu Digital Workplace microsite

kc web design were commissioned by Fujitsu to create a small microsite to work as a stand alone hub, social media archive and lead generation tool for articles and white papers on a specific subject – The Digital Workplace. The site was created to look like the global Fujitsu site but built using a responsive design with custom layouts and lead generation tools. The site was built using WordPress as the CMS to allow for easy updates of content.


Web design goals

The global aspects of the site – the header and footer – were kept in a similar style to the main Fujitsu website but the page content layout was designed specifically around the Digital Workplace articles. The layout was designed in a blog style with a focus on featured articles that would be used for social media campaigns and lead generation. The overall feel had to keep within the Fujitsu brand guidelines but we had freedom to deal with specific content in a unique way not tied down by brand guidelines.

Our successful design solution

The overall design of the site was kept clean and simple with the focus on the articles. WordPress was used as the CMS to allow easy updates by a team of article writers. Over the last few months since the site was launched it has improved social media spread and lead generation. Some of the top articles and white papers have been downloaded and viewed tens of thousands of times over the last few months.

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