Custom designed Twitter Wall web app for Fujitsu

The Fujitsu UK marketing team needed to show a live feed of Tweets projected on to large screens at events and on a large TV screen in the reception areas of their UK offices in London and Manchester. The marketing team had tried out various different Twitter Wall style apps and services but non gave them the freedom and customisation they needed to keep within their strict brand guidelines or that had the features that would allow them to adapt the wall to different usage scenarios.


A custom Twitter Wall web app

kc web design were commissioned by Fujitsu UK to design and develop a custom Twitter Wall that could be used on any computer as a stand-alone system that could be adapted for many needs. The spec for the Twitter Wall included features such as Twitter account and hashtag customisation, settings to control the theme, speed and animations, a fully responsive design that would adapt to many screen sizes including huge projected screens and the use of technologies that would allow the app to be used offline and well as with a connection and on any computer.

Our solution

We opted to use standard HTML/CSS/Javascript for the build but with a remote connection via PHP to retrieve the data from Twitters API. A settings panel was added so that Fujitsu staff could easily change options, refresh the tweets manually and remove any inappropriate tweets. We coded the twitter wall to store tweets locally and only use a connection to the API when it was needed. Using the app in event situations meant that we needed to make sure it wasn’t reliant on a permanent internet connection and so browser based technology and local storage systems were used. Options were also added to run the app in offline mode so that locally stored tweets were used and photos were turned off in the background grid enabling the app to be used in almost any situation. Responsive styles were heavily tested and a wide range of different layouts were created so that the app looked good and worked well on a huge range of screen sizes.

The twitter wall has recently been used at the BITC awards ceremony in London.


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