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Back in 2013 kc web design designed and built a website site for Fujitsu UK and Ireland that would allow them to trial run a technical writing blog. Two years later and the blog had been such a huge success that Fujitsu came back to us to completely redesign the blog and make it one of the top technical blogs in the UK. With hundreds of articles by Fujitsu staff and guest writers from all types of different industries the blog has become a go to site for leading businesses in the IT sector. New articles are added weekly and the site has grown over the last few years hence an update was needed.


Fujitsu blog redesign

As the volume and frequency of new articles had grown the way they were managed needed to adapt and so we completely overhauled WordPress to enable more custom management features for new articles so that each industry could have a specific focus on a theme. Accessibility was also a key area and we worked closely with Fujitsu’s own SEED group to make sure the site was accessible to everyone.

How the Fujitsu blog redesign improved the website

The new design focuses more on showcasing articles in all the industry types as well as creating a home page that gives easy access to the most articles possible. The site was heavily optimised with server side code to make sure image were served to the correct screen size so that download speeds were as fast as possible on small devices. Management of the site was also improved so that admin staff can select articles to be featured and content themes selected for each industry based on whats happening in the tech world. The accessibility features were high on the list for the new design and along with the SEED team we made sure that the site adheres to strict AA compliance including AAA in some areas. The accessibility and design updates have elevated the Fujitsu tech blog to one of the UK’s leading sources of business IT information.

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