Paramour Grange WordPress website design

Paramour Grange is a grade 2 listed historic farmhouse holiday home situated near Sandwich in Kent, the garden of England. Staying at Paramour Grange is a uniquely English, idyllic experience. This Tudor farmhouse has a lot of history including residents such as King James the 1st and the Mayor of Canterbury! Paramour Grange also features one of the most unique and rare examples of a Tudor painted room in the UK and has been featured on TV. kc web design created a brand new website for Paramour Grange that has given them more freedom and control.

"Having a website of our own and not solely relying on the larger booking sites has opened up a whole new world of possibilities..."

What we did

kc web design were asked by the owners of Paramour Grange to design and build a new website that would be a showcase for the property, provide information on holiday lettings and bring in new customers. We designed the website to showcase the amazing property and atmosphere at Paramour Grange so that prospective customers would get a real feel for what it’s like staying there.

How it helped

Creating a unique, stand-alone website design for Paramour Grange allows them to have tighter control over the content and not rely on other booking sites, such as Airbnb, for all their new customers. Over time the new website will become the main booking site for the property which will enable Paramour more control over their web presence and give users a better booking experience. The new website enables better integration with social media and utilises existing links with sites such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor to provide a more rounded experience. Giving Paramour Grange full control over the website content enables them to present more information about the history and atmosphere of their unique holiday cottage.


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