web design KentSo, Apple won. Samsung now have to pay $1bn (£664m) in damages for patent infringements. But why all the fuss? Well, it’s about design. Not really web design, more user interface design (which we do a lot of at kc web design Kent) and the way the whole iOS UI/UX works.

When you (and it’s what we do here at kc web design Kent) start a design process, whether it’s a website design project, a user interface design project or an iPhone UI design, you always start at the beginning by asking ‘WHAT’. What does the website need to achieve for the business, what goals are there for the user. Then you ask yourself ‘WHY’. Why does the user need to do it this way, why does the business need the data in that way? And then finally we get to ‘HOW’. How do we get the user to make contact or buy a product, how do we help the user navigate? During this web design process of WHAT/WHY/HOW we evolve and design a well thought out process of actions and interactions that creates and moulds the final product and influences every pixel on the screen. Without this process we would be randomly guessing what to do and how to present it.

Apple will have spent a lot of time and money working out that a dock bar at the bottom of the screen with 4 icons would work best and a grid system to display other apps that would scroll would probably be the best possible way to make the UI intuitive. Apple went through the WHAT/WHY/HOW process many, many times to create the perfect user interface for a mobile device. And looking at the sales figures for iPhones and iPads over the past 5 years you can pretty much assume they did get it right, well, almost right. So what gives Samsung, or any other company, the right to not bother with the thinking process, to miss out the WHAT/WHY/HOW questions that inform and mould all those decisions that make a great UI. Going through that process creates the value in the end product, without that process the end product will fail, unless you just copy what some else has already done. But we all (now) know what happens if you try that.

So, web designers or UI designers need to ask themselves this – WHAT/WHY/HOW?

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