Over the next few months we’re thinking about starting some consultancy clinics. These clinics will be aimed to help local businesses in Kent evaluate their website strategy.

Its all very well and good having a website. Everyone has one and so should you. But, your website should be working for your business, it should be bringing in leads or generating revenue. Our consultancy clinics will provide and environment for you to sit down with a web design professional and talk about your website, find out how it could be improved and what simple changes could be made to improve sales or bring in new customers.

We’ll talk to you about the importance of collecting user statistics to see which parts of your site are working or not, about good web design and how it can effect new users decisions on whether you’re the right company for them, the importance of understanding your users and target market and how usability can effect sales.

If you’re a business based in Kent and would be interested on coming to a clinic or would like a one on one consultancy meeting to talk about your website then give kc web design a call. You’ll find us easy to get along with, knowledgable and straight talking.