Ignore the media frenzy and what you actually have is a website that delivers important content pretty well. It’s all about information – it has nothing to sell, it doesn’t need to get you registering or leaving your details for anything and you don’t download anything. It’s all about the content.

As a website it does do what it’s supposed to do very well. When you get to the site you know it’s Wikileaks, the logo is prominent and the page is well laid out. As a user you’ve visited the site to find some information and it allows you to do this easily. Latest information is displayed on the homepage with links to other section in tab form along the top. It’s not perfect – Andy Clarkes’ article talks about better use of layout and typography to improve the experience (Full article) – but it does what it needs to do and it does it well. It fully achieves the needs of its users.

Is this what we call good web design? Well, yes, it is. If a user can go to a nice looking site, find the information they need quickly and complete their goal easily then that should be called good web design. It’s not all about pretty pictures, that’s only half the story, the rest is about usability and user experience.

A website should be built to fulfil the users goals. If you make sure your users can do what they’ve come to your site to do then you’ve got a good web design. If your users are struggling to complete simple actions on your site then you may not have a website that’s well designed. Kc web design, Kent can help improve your existing website so call us now for an informal chat.