In the last part of this series – kc web design Kent tools for web design – part 3 – we spoke about responsive web design tools. In this article I’ll be talking about web design tools for CSS coding that we use here at kc web design Kent.

Pretty much all the web design and development coding we do here at kc web design kent is done in Coda and I was personally lucky enough to be on the beta testing team for Coda 2 which was released in May. If there is one tool that does everything a web designer needs then its Coda but, I have to say that for the majority of hard-core CSS coding I do use Espresso, purely for its live designing preview and X-ray feature. This makes hand coding CSS for our web designs very easy and quick. I still can’t get used to using it as a pure web design dev tool like I do with Coda but for CSS its perfect.

LESS is something I’ve been dabbling with over the last few months and its does make CSS a bit more like coding but in a good way. It speeds up CSS writing and development and enables a far better global approach to writing CSS that lends itself to large projects. I don’t always use it on small web design projects but on large web design projects it works very well. I think the more I use the more I’ll want to use it and it will become a staple part of our web design and CSS flow soon.

There are many CSS online tools out there that can make life a bit easier but the ones that really stand out are the CSS frameworks like Twitter bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate and the Foundation framework. We used HTML5 Boilerplate so much here at kc web design Kent that we created a special theme for Expression Engine that utilises the H5BP and enables web designers to start a fresh install of EE with a bare bones theme using H5BP. You can download it here…HTML5 BoilerplatEE