Microsoft has launched the finished version of its Internet Explorer 9 web browser. A browser that will hopefully get Internet Explorer back in line with the other progressive, modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

As a web designers browser can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Any of the top modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are a joy to develop websites for but, for a long time now, Internet Explorer has been the most inconsistent, difficult and rebellious browser to design good websites for. Version 8, which is the most popular at this time, is the better one of the existing Microsoft browser in the wild but we still have to deal with version 7 which isn’t so accommodating and then theres the almost dead version 6 which seems to still be used in some sectors but really is one of the worst web browsers of all time and should be put to rest by Microsoft soon.

The launch of Internet Explorer 9 will hopefully see takeup quicken and browser support lunge forward a little. This won’t get rid of the bottom end of IE6 users but it will start the next phase of the ball rolling and hopefully push forward browser versions so that IE6 drops off the bottom sooner rather than later.

Web design is about creating great looking user experiences. Internet Explorer 9 will make a web designers job a lot easier and it is a very good browser. Lets hope the up-take is swift, and so is the death of IE6.

For more info please see the BBC article