At kc web design Kent we get a lot of requests from people wanting iPhone apps. Some of them are unique ideas that would make great apps, most of them though, are simple mechanisms such as searches or forms or even just information.

Are these types of functionality worth spending the time and money on to create a native app or would they be better as a simple website made to look native on mobiles using responsive web design?

It’s a difficult question but one I feel is very important. iPhone apps seem to getting more and more attention and the danger is that everyone feels they ’need’ an iPhone app to compete when sometimes and well design responsive website made to work well on mobile devices (like the kc web design Kent website) would do the job perfectly well.

With responsive web design improving every day and the app store getting full of mediocre apps I’d definitely say, for the simpler type of web app spec, that a responsive website design created to work beautifully on any mobile device is far more cost effective, easier to develop and easier to update and change and you get a website that can be viewed on any mobile device, not just the platform the app has been developed for.

There is a down side though – you don’t have the ability to charge for the app to make a return on your investment in the app store. If your app is a out making money then this is a big consideration.

If you have an idea for an iPhone app or feel you might need an app or something similar for your users then give kc web design Kent a call today and we can advise you on what the best solution is to put your idea in front of the right users using the right technology.