On Friday the iPhone 4s was released to the general public. In the last 4 days over 4 million iPhone 4s handsets have been sold. Going on those figures alone, anyone ignoring the mobile platform would be very, very silly.

With numbers of users of modern handheld browsing devices reaching dizzying proportions there’s just no way you can ignore those users. Your website must work on these devices.

With a few minor web design tweaks most websites will look ok on these devices. Depending on your website design and your target users, ok might just about do. If you target market are likely to be using these devices a lot to access your website then just ok won’t really cut the mustard. For this you really need to show a specific set of content styled in a way that makes it easy to use on a particular device. With an iPad that’s not too hard; change a few sizes, add a few tweaks and most website designs will look and work fairly well on the iPad. The iPhone is a different story though. With a screen of that size your website could be very tricky to use and read so display the content in a more iPhone specific way will make a huge difference to the browsing experience.

Using some advanced CSS media queries serving different styles for different screen sizes we can create a completely different look for the iPhone but still use the same code and content as the main website. No more different websites for different platforms. We just create a unique mobile web design for devices with very small screens. Creating a mobile website design like this will have a huge impact on the usability of your website on these devices which in turn could have a huge impact in sales.

If you have a website design that you would like converted to a mobile specific design then give us a call. We can take your existing website design and create a mobile specific version that will enhance the mobile experience for your users. Don’t miss out on those 4 million new iPhone users, give kc web design, kent a call now.