It’s been coming for a while but last week the new apple app store finally arrived. Will it change the face of applications and the way we buy software…maybe.

The ease of buying apps on the iPhone and iPad has now come to the desktop and with it it has brought a wealth of good design. Just look at some of the top categories in the store and you can see many well designed icons, some amazing UI design and beautifully crafted interfaces. When you have so many apps in one ‘shop’ it is vitally important that yours stands out with good design. Your app, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, desktop or web app, needs to look great and work perfectly to stand out about the competition.

The same can be said for the new Google web app store. A new venture by google to bring the same kind of market place to the world of browser extensions and web apps. Our very own Notebox web app is now in the google app store and it’s a great place to sell and show your apps. But, there are a lot and again good design will help your app stand out from the crowd.

At kc web design we specialise in good design, for web sites and iOS devices (iPhone,ipad). We understand the Apple UI guidelines and we know how apps and websites should look and work.

If you have a iPhone or iPad based project then give us a call. We can take your ideas and craft some of the most well designed graphics and uI you’ll see in the app store. We’ll even help create graphics and UI for desktop apps so if you need a designer to work alongside your programmer then get in touch today.