UK High Street sales were dented by the cold snap last week, research suggests. The impact was worst mid-week, when shopper numbers dropped 12-17%, according to research firm Experian.

But don’t let retail high street sales get you down, online sales are rocketing with one million in sales being spent online in a single minute during cyber Monday last week.

With the lead up to Xmas now in full swing it pays to make sure your website is up to date, looking good and working at full steam. When millions of users are shopping online, especially with all the snow, then don’t let your website let you down.

While the troops at kc web design, Kent were doing our Xmas shopping we came across a website that dealt very badly with new user accounts meaning we had to sign up three times with each new order we made as it didn’t recognise our user details or allow us to retrieve passwords. Don’t let mistakes like this loose you customers.

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