Starting a web design project with a web designer can be a daunting task. At kc web design kent we make sure we communicate clearly with a new customer every step of the way so they know exactly what the web design project will entail and how the web design project will work, for both parties.

Web design projects – How to start

The first thing we do at kc web design Kent when initially talking to clients is to try and get a clear understanding of their we site design requirements. The best way to do this initially is to send a small list of questions. Here are some examples from our web design project questionnaire…

  1. What is the primary business goal and nature of your business?
  2. Give a brief summary of the project goals
  3. What problems do we need to solve?
  4. Is this a redesign of an existing website or  a new web design project?
  5. What is THE most important goal for this project?
  6. Who will be working on this project? Will any other partners or agencies be involved and how?
  7. When does the web design project need to be finished? Are there any reasons for this such as meetings or shows?
  8. What is your budget?
  9. What is the selection process? Is there anything we can do to help with this process and make it easier for you?

These are only some of the questions we ask but they can help in making the client think about the web design project in a different way and give you the information you need to start putting a web design proposal together.

If you have a web design project and would like to talk to kc web design Kent about what we can offers then please give us a call. We might ask you the same web design questions you’ve read here but hopefully now you’ll have all the answers!