The short answer

Yes. Absolutely. Grab it here.

The long answer

Normally when designing and developing bespoke WordPress websites for our clients we’d use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and create custom template so that the client has full control over their specific content needs.

But not all clients need this level of customisation and detail for their content. This is where Elementor Pro can really fill the gap between fully customised content and a basic WordPress site.

Elementor allows you, as the website designer and developer, to create the content types and layouts you need. All this from directly within the page editor screen with a nicely design visual layout GUI thats very intuitive to use. It allows responsive changes to deal with different screen sizes directly within the page edit screen. Amazingly it does this by showing a pretty good representation of what you’d see in the actual website (although its always best to check in the browser on the actual frontend page as we all know!). Once you, the designer, has set up the content and designed the layouts its easy for your clients to come in and edit things.

Now the best bit is when using Elementor Pro you have access to save specific layouts into a library so that your client can easily insert whole sections of pre-designed content into their pages quickly and easily and then edit them. This can give clients access to everything they need to create new pages in a very easy to use, visual way.

Elementor Pro also comes with a wealth of standard layouts and components to use as well as pretty much any content type you can think of.

So yes, for the right type of WordPress website for the right kind of client Elementor Pro is absolutely brilliant. It can save you and your client time and give them everything they need to maintain their own content.

But this is only a brief overview, Elementor Pro can do a lot more so grab yourself the free version and give it a try.