A lot of the articles I write for kc web design kent are to help with Google rankings and SEO in general. Other articles are for information for prospective clients and snippets of wisdom or code for other web designers. Most of the time it’s relatively easy to get a few articles on the website each week but recently I’ve been working on a huge web app project that’s taking up every hour of every day and finding something interesting to write about has become a little difficult over the last few weeks. So what to do when you have writers block or not enough time to spend researching interesting subjects?

I could talk about our SEO here at kc web design kent and drone on about the keywords we’re trying to hit such as ‘website design kent’ or ‘freelance web designer kent’ but that just seems a bit cheeky and a bit lame. I could take about something inane or silly but what I should be doing is finding a really interesting topic to write about. Maybe what I need are a few guest writers to help out at kc web design kent for those times when inspiration is low but it’s not really that kind of site. Actually, what it really comes down to is time. When we’re extremely busy here at kc web design kent on intense, schedule dependent projects we tend to focus, put the blinkers on and get things done and that can have an impact on all those daily jobs that normally fit nicely into your schedule. Once this large web design/web app project is finished and things get back to normal at kc web design kent then I’ll have the time to find interesting subjects to talk about but until then I might just have to resign myself to the fact that I might just have to waffle for a bit. Hopefully the next article will be a little more interesting and a lot less waffle!