kc web design ltd have been a website design company in Kent for just over 4 years now. Our web design studio is based near Canterbury in Kent and we work in a lovely, tranquil part of the country side perfect for website design in Thanet that aides our creativity and generates a fantastic working environment. We feel very lucky to be working in this part of the country and being able to do website design in Thanet and the North Kent coast.

Anyone outside of Kent might not have heard of Thanet. Thanet is the far right tip of Kent. Go as far as you can to the end of Kent, up towards Margate and Broadstairs and you’re there. Kent is one of England’s more sparse counties once you get towards Thanet but that doesn’t stop it having a wealth of businesses and a lot of web design companies that do some great website design in Thanet.

As web designers at kc web design in Kent we work with a lot of different types of companies from global brands such as Toll and Fujitsu right down to small local companies with website design in Thanet. We love working with big global brands but its the local businesses in Thanet, Canterbury and Kent that we really enjoy working with. It’s great to be able to sit round a table to thrash out ideas and sketch out website design plans and having real face-to-face interaction can speed up the web design process for all parties. Working with local Kent companies also means that money stays local and helps the local Kent economy which is equally important for this areas as it is to others. So if you’re a local Kent business based around Thanet, Canterbury, Ashford, Maidstone or Broadstairs and you’d like website design in Thanet then give kc web design Kent a call. Working with a local web design company in Kent will have a positive impact on our economy and on your new website project.