Here we outline the main fundamental parts of any web design or development project that help create a successful website design.

These 6 main areas are:


Usability is a well recognised part of web design with many champions such as Steve Krug and Jacob Nielsen. Sites with bad usability suffer from poor traffic and users will have problems completing simple calls to action. Good usability means a user can complete their goal in the most logical, easy way possible with no confusion.


Web accessibility refers to making your site accessible to the widest possible audience including the disabled or users using different technology or devices. Accessibility is a bit of a buzz word in the web design community and this is helping fuel the growth in developing techniques to improve site accessibility.

Aesthetics/Look & Feel

This is your website look and feel. Colour, styling and interface, it all has a huge impact on how a users reacts with your site. Good web design can have a huge impact on usability, accessibility and all the other areas of your site so it is very important to get right. A badly designed website can loose you customers.


This part of the web design process is what does all the clever stuff under the hood. It’s the engine, the guts of the site that drives all the clever features.  It includes languages such as PHP, and AJAX as well as other server side scripting.


You content can make your website fantastic rather than ordinary and make a website design shine and give your users the information they need to use your website rather than a competitors. Well-written, easy to read content combined with good web design is the essence of many good websites.

Business Objectives

Often overlooked in the web design process and yet fundamental to any website. What is the website trying to achieve? What return on investment is needed? These are all essential questions that are easy to ignore. This is basically your “business model” and should be considered as the first step in deciding what your website should be like.