With daily internet usage in the UK increasing year on year by 22% your business needs a good online presence. With increasing activity in all sectors but especially in specific markets such as IFA’s, you could be loosing business if you don’t have an effective website and a good web design.

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According to a new White Paper published by Google, searches on financial related terms are growing consistently and increased 19% year on year in 2009, as users embraced the internet as a medium for their financial research. With 30% of adult internet users earning household income of more than £50,000 this is a market IFAs should be aiming to capture.

Financial advice searches have grown strongly in the last 18 months – the search term ‘unbiased financial advice’ had 84% more queries in February 2010 than in February 2008. As the internet becomes an integral and even primary component of financial planning, companies with a strong online presence offering products or advice are benefiting hugely from the growing demand, whilst those who continue to rely solely on traditional sources of leads such as word of mouth and directories risk falling behind.

Whilst query volumes have increased, the majority of IFAs have failed to step up their internet presence either through maintaining a healthy website or through promoting themselves with online advertising. It is vital for IFAs not only to have a good website, but to use all means possible to drive potential leads to find that website. Many IFAs are failing on one or both of these steps, meaning that online consumers are not finding them. IFAs are missing out on business, as potential customers are forced to look to other online sources of advice which are only a click away.

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Web design and a good looking, user friendly, search engine optimised website will help your business and increase sales. In a world where users search on Google and quickly surf through multiple sites to find what they’re looking for the way your website looks is very important. You have a few seconds to ‘grab’ your new users attention and make sure they have the confidence in your site and the relevant content to make them stay which gives you the time to convert them into a new customer. If your website isn’t designed to pull in these new Google search users you could be missing out on a huge market place.

Protection and Investment Ltd saw the potential of this online market place along with the importance of good web design and are reaping the rewards. With lots of new changes coming up this year we got Neil from Protection and Investment Ltd to let us know his thoughts…

The IFA market continues to face challenges, not least those posed by economic growth, higher regulatory costs and the impending changes set out in the retail distribution review (RDR). But more clients will require advice than ever before and with an estimated 10-20% of advisers leaving the industry due to the RDR in the next few years, the potential market is increasing. But to gain our share of an increasingly sophisticated and web-enabled market, we decided that we needed a strong web presence which allowed us to promote our brand, our expertise and our services to those who were looking for advice. The website that KC Web Design build offered us that platform, with the flexibility to manage our own content, wrapped up within a strong, bespoke branding. Our web site traffic, and the leads generated through it continue to grow, and have covered our initial outlay many times over.

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