At kc web design Kent we build most of our websites on content management systems. It’s a great way to use existing technology to enhance a website design and build project and speeds up the build process. CMS’s enable complex websites to be built with ease and empower the client by giving them full control over their own websites to update and add new content.

We’ve worked with a few CMS’s over the years at kc web design Kent such as Typo3 – confusing and convoluted, Drupal – powerful with a large learning curve and not very intuitive as well as many other minor ones. Perch is a great small CMS for purely dealing with content and works well on smaller sites but we mostly use WordPress and Expression Engine.

WordPress is free and has a huge user community that can help with any problems. There’s also an endless supply of plugins that can do pretty much any job you need them to do. WordPress is also a very customisable system and can work as a CMS on many levels. I haven’t come across a web design project yet that we’ve undertaken at kc web design Kent that WordPress couldn’t deal with or be moulded to work successfully. For standard content based web design projects WordPress can’t be beaten and it’s very user friendly, even for designers!

Expression Engine is a paid for CMS that I find works very well for large corporate website design projects. The community is very good and there are lots of plugins but not on the scale of WordPress. It’s not quite as user friendly but it is very powerful and at kc web design Kent we’ve created some very large and powerful website designs with it.

It’s hard to choose between the two so we don’t, we use either depending on the type of project but I have to say that the majority of the time now we try and use WordPress first if at all possible.

If you have a website design project and would to talk to kc web design kent about content management systems then please get in touch for a chat.