Fujitsu - kc web design kentFor a while now kc web design Kent have been working with Fujitsu UK & Ireland to improve large sections of their website. Over the past 12 months the changes that kc web design have made to specific sections and user flow have had a significant effect on user interaction, contact requests and engagement.

One of the big projects we were involved in last year was the redesign of the Fujitsu UK websites contact process. The original contact process was a bit confusing and many users ended up trying to contact wrong departments or just gave up along the way. As a large IT company, Fujitsu needed a simple contact path for all types of user and department. The design and user journey for each type of contact at Fujitsu was researched, wire-framed and redesigned and the changes we made had a very significant effect…

…in 2013-14 we noticed that a large number of people were completing the wrong forms, and more people were visiting the contact page than were getting in touch with us. We commissioned some usability research, which identified problems with the contact process. kc web design recommended changes to the home page and the contact page, and provided the necessary design elements to place on these pages to maximise use of the correct forms. In addition, they made recommendations regarding effective imagery and placement of contact placards. That work made the contact process considerably more efficient, reducing the number of people incorrectly using the B2B contact forms by over 70%. The design elements used are now being adopted by other countries – for example, the Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand home pages now use the new contact process designed by kc web design.

kc web design will be working with Fujitsu on more projects over the coming months and we hope to create more changes to the UK website that will have a significant effect on Fujitsu’s online business.