Alison Jane Photography

Alison Jane Photography is a professional wedding photographer in Kent and is based near Canterbury. Alison offers Wedding and Portrait photography across Kent and the South East.

Alison came to us for a complete web design overhaul so we decided to completely rebuild the website using WordPress to allow Alison complete control over the content and give her an easy way to add photo’s to galleries. We created a unique WordPress theme with built in gallery modules to help Alison keep control over all 3 gallery sections. Theres also a large blog area to Alison’s site so we wanted to keep the adding of new photos to the galleries as easy as adding a new blog article.

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How to choose a website designer?

We understand how hard it is to choose a website designer or web design company. If you search on Google there are literally thousands and thousands of companies and website designers listed. Choosing a good website designer can be tricky – a badly designed web site could cost you a lot of money, drive away users or have a negative effect on your reputation.

Look for a website designer or web design company that has a good website themselves and have a good look through the other websites they’ve created. If you like the look of their site and previous website design projects, you’re already half way there.

If they’re a local company pop along and see them. Theres nothing better than meeting face-to-face and knowing that your new website will be looked after by a website designer you trust and get along with. You might be working with a website designer on a project for a long time so knowing you can get along will make a huge difference.

Make sure you have a website budget set aside. Don’t expect to get a fantastic new website if you don’t have a realistic budget to fit with your business needs, try and have a clear idea of what you want the website to achieve and if you need help defining what the website needs are then build that into the budget to. If you need help, just call. A good website designer will be happy to spend the time on the phone discussing your project.

At kc web design we pride ourselves in good customer relationships. We’ve worked with some of our clients for over 10 years now and all of our clients continue to work with us year after year. So, we’re blowing our own trumpet a little here and basically saying ‘you’ve done it, you’ve found your web designer!’ so if you’d like to work with us or just want to have a chat about your project then call us on 0845 3631162.

What is good web design?

Good web design is key to a successful website. In todays fast moving online marketplace – and with attention spans becoming increasingly minimal – you have a very small window to convince new users that your website is the one they should use. With less than 5 seconds to project that image of professionalism and insure that your new user has the confidence in your company that will make them decide on you and only you, the way your website looks is very, very important. The best way to achieve this is through good web design and well structured content.

Good web design should illicit an emotional response from the user while good information architecture should illicit a logical response. Separating out the design in to these two areas means we can make sure your website has instant impact but also has a good structure with easy to find content and a logical flow to navigation elements and key information.

We also understand that good websites aren’t just about looking nice, they also need to engage the user, give the user the information they’re looking for, guide the user into making decisions and make the whole user experience effective and fulfilling. Even the simplest of websites needs to achieve certain goals, whether thats just as a brochure site, a lead generation site or a full e-commerce web site.

At kc web design we take great care in designing your website and making sure it is perfect for your users. We’ll research your competitors, take a good look at your industry and make sure that the website we design and build fulfils all your business needs.

To learn more about what kc web design can do for your business please contact us now

Web design - Does my business need a new website?

Did you know that your website can be made to work very hard for your business. It can bring in new business. It can help with customer support. It can sell things for you and keep track of order processing. It can be a community tool helping your users or simply an online brochure.

Just bringing the website design up-to-date and defining some clear goals and call-to-action points can make a huge difference. Adding news/blog style articles can help with SEO and keep the site fresh and clean. Using a content management system such as WordPress or Expression Engine can help with the day-to-day maintenance of your website and make it easier to keep your content updated, relevant and interesting.

We recently updated Protection & Investment Ltds’ website and within weeks they we’re getting new leads and enquiries and generating new business. We could do the same for you!

If you have a website thats a few years old and you feel it could be doing more then just ask yourself these simple questions:

* Does my website promote a favourable user experience?

* Is my website design visually appealing?

* Does my website design give confidence to the user?

* Does it contain engaging copy for my target audience?

* Is it easy to use, well structured and bug free?

* Does it get across my brand and core message?

* What is my websites primary “action” and is it being achieved?

* Does my website design stand out amongst my competitors?

* Can I find my website in Google?

If you’ve answered no to a few of these questions then you may need to think about updating your website.

Still not sure? Then why not let us do a free evaluation on your current site to see if, and where, it can be improved.

To learn more about how a website redesign can boost your business, contact us now.

IMX – International Mail Consolidator

IMX had a requirement to be able to manage its website easily and to have access to additional functionality. It also wished to refresh the look and feel of the website. To achieve this, the existing site needed to be rebuilt onto a content management platform and it was decided that the content management platform would be Expression Engine.

The principal aim for the website was to appeal to, and interest, new customers encouraging them to make initial contact. The website was re-designed with a new look & feel and built on the Expression Engine (EE) platform.

On behalf of IMX I would like to thank KC Web design for a great result on our new website. Our brief has been handled with care and the guidance we have been given has been invaluable. In particular, we found the high level of service and rapid turnaround to be exemplary. We expect to maintain our relationship with your company for the forseeable future.

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Notebox - Design feedback

Notebox is our very own web app. We created Notebox from an in-house system we’d been using and felt it would be useful for other designers. Notebox allows designers to upload designs, send a link to their clients and get their clients to leave notes directly on the design for feedback.

So far Notebox has been a huge success and we’re hoping to see it build over the coming months.

Notebox – a design and concept feedback app/tool – was created to help designers get client feedback ‘on’ their designs in a simple, client-friendly way. Notebox allows you & your clients to make notes directly on your design, allowing the notes to appear in context. If you need a simple, quick, user-friendly way to get concept feedback that your clients will love then see what Notebox can offer.

We have another web app in the pipeline (codename – Delta) which should be arriving next year. If you have your own web app and you need to get that UI just right then get in touch, we may just have the expertise you need.

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Protection and Investment

Protection & Investment Ltd was founded in 1999 and has expanded substantially over the years. It now has 19 Independent Financial Advisers in locations throughout Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Protection & Investment has a very professional, friendly feel and the new website needed to follow these core principles. We created a website that was focused on delivering content to the user. Investment can be tricky to understand so we made sure the website gave clear information in an open and readable format that allowed the user to find the information they needed quickly without having to read through lots of jargon.

SEO was key so we used Expression Engine to create a platform for Protection & Investment to create articles and blog posts. Since launching the site Protection & Investment have rocketed up in the search engine listings and the new website is generating new leads every week.

The service provided by KC Web Design was excellent. They took the time to understand my requirements and objectives and created an excellent website for my business. They have a good knowledge of the IFA market which really showed up in the design of the website which is clean, simple and highly effective. The traffic to my website has increased substantially and it is generating good quality business leads which have more than paid for the initial cost.

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MLP Solicitors

Myers Lister Price Solicitors is one of the leading law firms within the Manchester area. MLP needed a new, modern website with advanced SEO that would generate leads and allow them to focus on new areas of their business. The design had to be modern and clean yet still give a feeling of confidence in a company that had been established for many years and had its roots in old-school law. MLP’s two sites were completely redesigned to work on the WordPress CMS platform allowing MLP to have full control over the content, create news and blog articles and utilise social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

One of the other main focuses of the design was content display as the site would have a lot of text in many different section for each area of the business. Advanced SEO was supplied by our SEO partner ’Progress SEO‘.

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iphone/ipad apps

We now design and create iphone and ipad applications. From iphone user interface design right through to the finished application, we have the team to create your award winning iphone app.

How do you make your iPhone App stand out amongst hundreds of thousands of other apps? Get us to design the graphics and user interface, thats how.

kc web design, canterbury, kent

k:c web design ltd are a web design & development agency based near Canterbury, Kent. We have a strong reputation for creating stylish, usable websites and iPhone user interface design.

k:c web design Kent have been working in the web industry for over 15 years and recently re-located to rural Kent. As a small web design agency we have to work smart and work hard and this simple philosophy means we’ll deliver your project on time and on budget.

As well as web design and development we also do printed work, mobile device websites, user interface (UI) design for iPhone applications, iphone development and release our own products. Klover – our new ASP/MSSQL content management system – will be released later this year.

We mainly like big projects we can really get our teeth into but we also like small – or large – local companies that are just starting so if you have any web design or print design needs please get in touch…we can always help.

klover - asp/cms

klover is an ASP/MSSQL (and will also be available in PHP/MySQL) content management system designed by web designers, for web designers. Hopefully klover will enter beta testing in the text few weeks and be launched in the new year. More info will be available on the klover website soon. If you have a web app project then contact kc web design, Canterbury now!

Maypole Marquees

Maypole Marquee Ltd specialise in wedding marquee hire and are a local company situated just down the road from Pear Tree Studios. Its always nice to work with local companies and Kristian and Clare have been fantastic – even helping us out with some electrical work at the studios!

The marquee hire industry in this part of the country is pretty fierce so we needed to produce a website that would be slick and polished and show the quality of Maypoles business while allowing them to quickly and easily add new images to the gallery after each event. Since launch they’ve had more leads from the website than they can cope with and have had a fantastic summer.

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UKL Online 2009

The latest upgrade of the UKL website has again been a huge success. We’ve completely re-styled the look and feel and added lots of new features including a new ordering matrix for easy bulk purchasing.

Better integration with the warehousing system has meant improved live stock levels and a more complete order history as well as streamlined ordering processes, with much more planned for this in the coming year.

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Reuse, recycle, redesign! Update your website and boost your business

Your website has the potential to be great! It might just need a new look or the structure changing or even just a few ‘calls to action’ on key pages. Small things can make a difference and in these times of media panic about the state of the economy there are plenty of small things you can change that will make your website work harder.

Just ask yourself these simple questions:

* Is my website visually appealing and cleanly designed?

* Does it contain engaging copy for my target audience?

* Is it easy to use, well structured and bug free?

* Does it get across my brand and core message?

Still not sure? Then why not let us do a free evaluation on your current site to see if and where it can be improved.

To learn more about how a website redesign can boost your business, contact us now.

The Genesis of Genesis

Genesis Forwarding Services is an international, independent freight forwarder founded in the UK in 1986. Genesis has operations throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and the USA supported by a network of carefully selected partners globally which meant the website had to work for many languages and cultures but be easily administered by the UK headquarters. The focus was functionality and ease of use while projecting the forward looking, forward thinking ethos of the company.

Visitors can go to the shipping aids section to work out their volumetric weight, view transit times, shipping schedules, they can view real time world clocks, request a quotation or access country profiles. Everything on the website is directed at the customer and their business needs.

The website is now live but will be launched to the press and a wider public audience in the next few weeks.

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Pear Tree Studios

After many months of logistics planning, sleepless nights, box juggling and swearing we have finally settled in our new location…Canterbury, in the garden of England. Along with the new house we bought some land which includes a wonderful Pear orchard. Planning is going ahead for our new eco-friendly (and solar powered from next year) office next to our pond near the orchard. Hopefully, in late October, Pear Tree Studios will be fully insulated and operational ready for the winter.

An e-commerce website that’s feature rich, easy-to-use and doesn’t cost the earth?

To compliment our high-end bespoke e-commerce solutions we are now offering an entry/mid-level package for our clients that want to get serious about selling their products online.

We provide one of the most advanced, and accessible e-commerce shopping systems in its class. It features a powerful online Content Management System (CMS), enabling you to update your shop from anywhere. Your new e-commerce site will be built using web standards, enabling your shop to achieve better search engine rankings with pages also loading faster than with non compliant software.

This fantastic system, including all the features below, starts from only £2,500 (plus monthly hosting costs of £10 – £30). The basic system includes Paypal as the payment gateway but other systems such as Worldpay or Protx/Sagepay can be integrated at an additional cost.

Key features and benefits


• UK DDA aware
• Section 508 aware

Payment Methods

• Credit/Debit cards
• Credit/Debit cards over the phone
• EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
• COD (Cash on delivery)
• Cheque

Payment Gateways

• Sagepay
• VeriSign PayFlow Pro
• Authorize.Net
• PayPal
• WorldPay
• SECpay
• Barclays

Postage & Packing

• Postage by weight
• All orders have free postage
• One rate for all orders
• Postage based on percentage of total sale
• Postage charged on a per item basis
• Set special codes to use on products
• Postage charge based on range of total order
• Setup special rates which users can select before checkout
• Create tracking numbers
• Notify customers of shipping

Shopping Promotions

• Membership points
• Discount codes
• Gift certificates
• Gift wrapping
• Site promotions
• Sale items
• Volume discounts

Product Pages

• Downloadable products
• Automated image re-sizing & compression
• Standard options
• Custom options
• Manufacturer association
• Attach (cross sell) products & articles
• Powerful search engine
• Postage & packing estimates
• Customer reviews
• Product Enquiry Form
• Wish List
• Stock control
• Backorder splitting
• Complete/Incomplete orders
• Number of products per page
• Create product packages
• Create product lists

Whether you are launching a new business, are an off-line company looking to sell online or an existing e-commerce company requiring an update – we can help. Contact us now for more information and a chat about how we can help your business get serious about selling online.

Crisis Action

Every now and again we do something that gives us an extra warm glow! This month we stepped out of our box and had a hand in helping others around the globe in less fortunate situations. By creating the website for Justice4Darfur we gave Crisis Action an online platform to raise awareness and create a central hub for other organisations to be a part of their campaign that, in turn, will hopefully allow more pressure to be put on the Sudanese authorities.

Crisis Action is an international, non-profit organisation which aims to help avert conflicts, prevent human rights abuses and ensure governments fulfil their obligations to protect civilians.

We’ve also done some old fashioned print work for Crisis Action.


Simplisys needed a small CMS powered website that was easy to update and keep fresh while providing a solid foundation to build on. Content was key to the site as each product and service had many pages of vital information. Our own in-house CMS system was used to keep costs down and give Simplisys the flexibility they have been used to with their other internal CRM systems.

Specialising in Service Delivery, Simplisys offers fully featured, easy to use, helpdesk, service desk and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

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k:c design will be working closely with BAFTS to improve their websites for suppliers of fair trade products in the UK. BAFTS will be re-branded and the website improved over the next few months.

The British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) is a network of independent fair trade shops across the UK. We promote fair trade retailing in the UK, seek to raise the profile of fair trade on the High Street and provide a point of contact and communication for the exchange of ideas amongst our members.

It’s going to be Eazzee!

We’ll be working very closely with the guys at Eazzee helping them create an online business. We’ll be more than just a design company, we’ll be involved in every aspect of their online business and we have some great ideas for the future. We’ve recently got the second stage of the main site up and running and we’re continuing to make improvement’s and add functionality. Next on the list is a major addition to aid Eazzee customers in creating and owning their own Eazzee style shop!

Eazzee was established to provide the most comprehensive range of corporate clothing, workwear and personal protective equipment available. We are passionate about providing unrivalled quality of customer service and our experience guarantees your peace of mind.

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Solar powered website

With the launch of the new site and brand we’ve taken a big step – to try and be a greener, eco-friendly web design business. First on our list was hosting and we’ve come up trumps with AISO. This website is now hosted on a server completely powered by natural energy. Of course, just having a eco-friendly website doesn’t make us a green business, but its a good start and in conjunction with other practices we’re putting in place should all help to take us down the road to having a true environmentally conscious workplace.

We are the only hosting company going beyond just clean energy. We have gone beyond just making sure our electricity is environmentally friendly…

From the AISO website…

AISO.Net is a reliable and responsible green web hosting company. We have made a strong commitment to help fight pollution and preserving our natural resources. Solar panels run our data center and office, not energy credits. Solar tubes bring in natural light from the outside providing light during the day. AMD Opteron powered servers use sixty percent less energy and generate fifty percent less heat. These are just some of the ways AISO.Net is becoming the world’s most responsible green web hosting company.

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David Hicks

David travels all over the world (His passion for travelling is well known, as a recent comment pointed out…”For ***** sake! What about some of your own garden!”) to feed his love of photography and his images are outstanding. The website compliments his imagery by giving the photographs space to breath and create a gallery feel with plenty of white space.

Macromedia Contribute was used as the content management system allowing David to update the site after every trip. We had a few teething problems with David getting to know the application but now he’s an expert, probably due to the amount of trips he goes on!

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Vanshack are one of the leading vintage VW specialists in the country. They wanted a site that would develop their strong brand and allow them to update content and images.

The Vanshack brand is used across a wide range of ventures including the VWV Racing Team so the website needed to develop the brand in a new direction to keep things fresh and exciting. The website is used as a communication tool and needed to be easily updated by the guys at the shack to keep customers up-to-date on news and new projects.

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The K4i portal was evaluated and we consulted with The University of Manchester team on best practices and possible ways forward. Documentation was created which incorporated amendments recommended by the Knowledge Bank development team, and feedback from learners on the usability of the system as well as accessibility and user interface recommendations from us.

The main bulk of the project was focused on converting the site design to CSS, enhancing the user interface to make it more user friendly, adding accessibility features, making sure all compatibility issues were consistent across all major browsers and that the site degraded gracefully in older browsers.

We also did some major work on the way content was presented to the user and also a whole range of illustrations and Flash animated diagrams to enhance the visual content of the modules.

We recently developed a new e-learning system for the UK textile industry called the Knowledge Bank. This system required top-quality interface design work, complex interactive medical animations, technical illustrations and a full multimedia showcase website. The wide range of design expertise that k:c design has to offer enabled us to get the material we needed from a single source, with every piece of work carried out to an exceptionally high standard. They have been extremely easy to work with, creating innovative designs that fitted the specifications perfectly. The medical animations are now being used to showcase the project at conferences, and there is no doubt that k:c design’s work has made a significant contribution towards the success of this project. We will certainly be using their expertise again in the future.

– Nicola Holt, Technical Editor, William Lee Innovation Centre