David Hicks

David travels all over the world (His passion for travelling is well known, as a recent comment pointed out…”For ***** sake! What about some of your own garden!”) to feed his love of photography and his images are outstanding. The website compliments his imagery by giving the photographs space to breath and create a gallery feel with plenty of white space.

Macromedia Contribute was used as the content management system allowing David to update the site after every trip. We had a few teething problems with David getting to know the application but now he’s an expert, probably due to the amount of trips he goes on!

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Vanshack are one of the leading vintage VW specialists in the country. They wanted a site that would develop their strong brand and allow them to update content and images.

The Vanshack brand is used across a wide range of ventures including the VWV Racing Team so the website needed to develop the brand in a new direction to keep things fresh and exciting. The website is used as a communication tool and needed to be easily updated by the guys at the shack to keep customers up-to-date on news and new projects.

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The K4i portal was evaluated and we consulted with The University of Manchester team on best practices and possible ways forward. Documentation was created which incorporated amendments recommended by the Knowledge Bank development team, and feedback from learners on the usability of the system as well as accessibility and user interface recommendations from us.

The main bulk of the project was focused on converting the site design to CSS, enhancing the user interface to make it more user friendly, adding accessibility features, making sure all compatibility issues were consistent across all major browsers and that the site degraded gracefully in older browsers.

We also did some major work on the way content was presented to the user and also a whole range of illustrations and Flash animated diagrams to enhance the visual content of the modules.

We recently developed a new e-learning system for the UK textile industry called the Knowledge Bank. This system required top-quality interface design work, complex interactive medical animations, technical illustrations and a full multimedia showcase website. The wide range of design expertise that k:c design has to offer enabled us to get the material we needed from a single source, with every piece of work carried out to an exceptionally high standard. They have been extremely easy to work with, creating innovative designs that fitted the specifications perfectly. The medical animations are now being used to showcase the project at conferences, and there is no doubt that k:c design’s work has made a significant contribution towards the success of this project. We will certainly be using their expertise again in the future.

– Nicola Holt, Technical Editor, William Lee Innovation Centre