kc web design kent email clientsAs web designers here at kc web design Kent we use email all day, every day. Without it our daily jobs would be very difficult and its hard to imagine a time – only 15 years ago – when most businesses didn’t use it. It’s now such an integral part of business its hard to think of doing things another way. Thankfully its not the end of email but email clients for the Mac seem to be disappearing.

Web design Kent email clients

First Thunderbird and now Sparrow. Thunderbird has been stopped by Mozilla and Sparrow has been gobbled up by Google leaving lots of Sparrow users left with a good email client that will no longer be developed. The default Mac Mail client is good and lots of users stick with that. The one we use here at kc web design Kent is Postbox. Based on the core Thunderbird architecture its one of the best email clients out there. With a drop in price and lots of Sparrow users looking for an alternative Postbox might become the best email client option. But are there any other options out there? Well, not many good ones for power users that use email everyday for business. Maybe its time for some new kids on the block? Maybe the Sparrow team will unleash something new for Gmail soon or maybe it’ll all end up being web based.

As a web designer at kc web design Kent the importance of email communication cannot be underestimated but it’s getting old now. All other web technologies have moved on in the last 15 years but email is still pretty much as it was. Maybe it’s time for a new communication technology to replace email?