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Arxygen website, product UI and branding

The key to designing the UI for Arxygens dashboard and admin product was keeping things simple and easy to use while having all the information easily accessible. For each campaign a lot of data needed to be shown and 90% of that data needed to be easily editable from a single location to make it quick to edit lots of campaigns. Columned layouts were used to make the most of space and allow better screen real estate on mobile devices. Actions that need the user to edit large amounts of...

Music Streaming UI/UX design version 2

Go To Hear is an artist-friendly ethical fair music streaming service. Go To Hears' exclusive UI/UX design and features help artists, fans and music industry professionals to all earn a fair reward for their hard work. The Go To Hear mission is to transform the music industry focusing firstly on changing the rewards for artists and educating fans on what a ‘fair price for music’ culture should be like.

IT company ongoing work

As part of our ongoing relationship with Fujitsu, we've been working with global teams to improve more sections of the website. We've been creating new website designs for industry verticals such as Global Retail, Healthy Living, Amazon AWS,Manufacturing, Hybrid Cloud, Cyber Security, Application Transformation, SAP, Insurance and more as well as improvements to the global newsroom and creating Online Maturity Assessment tools.


Fujitsu’s flagship digital experience, ActivateNow, is a huge 3-day event each year including seminars, keynote talks, guest speakers and much more. We were asked to design the website for ActivateNow last year (and again this year!) while Fujitsu was in the middle of a huge rebranding exercise. We had to start the designs before Fujitsu had even finalised the new brand!

Go To Hear Music Streaming Platform

Go To Hear is an artist-friendly ethical fair music streaming service. Go To Hears' exclusive design and features help artists, fans and music industry professionals to all earn a fair reward for their hard work. The Go To Hear mission is to transform the music industry focusing firstly on changing the rewards for artists and educating fans on what a ‘fair price for music’ culture should be like.

Work Life Shift Blog

The concept of the workplace has changed. FUJITSU Work Life Shift helps organisations create digital workplaces for their employees wherever they choose to be, whether that’s at home, in an office or on the move. kc web design are currently creating a new blog for FUJITSU Work Life Shift. As this is an ongoing project we'll add more information as the project goes live later this year.

GlobeRanger website

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, GlobeRanger is a world-leader in IoT technology. kc web design was commissioned by Fujitsu and GlobeRanger to design and build a new independent website for GlobeRanger to showcase their IoT solutions and services.

Cleaning up Space

The UK Space Agency set out on a mission committing funding to combat space debris. To tackle this challenge, Fujitsu is working with Astroscale UK, University of Glasgow and AWS to successfully combine quantum-inspired computing and Artificial Intelligence to transform space debris removal. kc web design was commissioned to design a webpage to showcase the collaboration and how Quantum-inspired computing working with artificial intelligence could solve the problems space debris causes.

IT365 website design

IT Support 365 is an IT Managed Services Provider with a focus on providing IT support to small and medium-sized businesses in the South of England and throughout the UK. Working with the brilliant Kudos Marketing, we created a brand new design for the IT365 website.

Fujitsu & RAF 100 – Inspiring young people

kc web design were asked by Fujitsu and the RAF to build a website to promote career pathways to school children for Fujitsu and the RAF as part of the RAF 100 anniversary year. The website links in with live events all around the country where children get the chance to fly RAF planes in a virtual reality game with the website bringing the game online for all to play. The website also has engineering guides for building the best paper planes as well as videos and other content on...

UK & Ireland tech blog website design

kc web design and Fujitsu have been working together for a number of years. We originally created the Fujitsu UK tech blog website design back in 2014 and since then it's gone on to become a leading tech blog for UK business leaders. The latest version of the blog website design will be it's third incarnation making sure it stays at the forefront of it's market. With hundreds of authors and thousands of articles covering multiple industries and topics the new blog design took over 6 months from initial ideas...

Digital Workplace microsite

kc web design were commissioned by Fujitsu to create a small microsite to work as a stand alone hub, social media archive and lead generation tool for articles and white papers on a specific subject - The Digital Workplace. The site was created to look like the global Fujitsu site but built using a responsive design with custom layouts and lead generation tools. The site was built using Wordpress as the CMS to allow for easy updates of content. Web design goals The global aspects of the site - the...

Novacast custom website design

Novacast is a specialist ferrous and non-ferrous foundry located in Melksham, England that specialise in all types of casting. Working alongside Kudos Marketing we created a custom website design for Novacast that would bring their online presence up-to-date and give them a much better foundation for future features. A new custom website design and Wordpress theme for Novacast was created using modern responsive frameworks. The web design brief The design for the new Novacast website needed to reflect the company brand and colour schemes, work well with continuing offline marketing, bring their online presence...

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The Unrivaled Excellence of our Web Design Agency Canterbury

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